Welcome to We Gotcha Back!


We Gotcha Back is the latest invention brought to you by Gordon G Enterprizes, Inc., which has built a strong reputation for providing pain relief and back support. This redesigned product is a customized compression support belt that relieves back, lumbar, and total body pain. The belt actually induces improved blood circulation which, in turn, directly reduces pain and inflammation.

With We Gotcha Back, total body pain relief goes much further than ever before. Paired with two cold 8″ by 12″ gel packs and two hot 8″ by 12″ gel packs, this compression support back belt kit answers the dire need for total pain relief ranging from sciatica to arthritis.

The direct benefits of using this product include: weight loss and decreased dependency on medication to manage pain. The inventor of the We Gotcha Back belt suffered from sciatic nerve problems and arthritis in his lower back for over 25 years. After creating the We Gotcha Back belt, he no longer requires medication to manage the pain. We Gotcha Back is all you need.

The I GOTCHA POCKETS belt comes with pockets but gel packs are not included. We Gotcha Back gel pack is the most convenient and easiest system you will ever use. The hot gel pack contains non-toxic ingredients and is comprised of a completely natural saline-based solution and water.